Introduction to SIGMA PROJEKT

SIGMA PROJEKT GmbH is a Germany based engineering company founded in year 2000 by four engineers. These engineers worked before together in one big project for Philip Morris in Alamty Kazakhstan.
After this project was successful completed their former company stopped their business activities. So these engineers decided to found their own company and continue the business for Philip Morris.
Consequently they started with jobs in Kazakhstan where the company still has a registered branch office. They worked for Philip Morris also in Poland, Germany, Ukraine, Serbia and Indonesia.
In parallel they developed their regional business with design and supervision works for several clients.
The company does not have a huge number of permanent hired engineers but it consist of an excellent core team and resources in form of partner companies and freelancer which can be activated in a short time. With this principle they worked in teams from one person up to 35 person for the biggest project so far.
Projects were handled in German, English and Russian language.
SIGMA PROJEKT believes that only a good team can work successful for a project. So they also organize team building activities (as shown on the picture on the left side when they went alltogether to Canada for canoeing) to improve the team spirit.